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Part 4: Purchase a Lot

Before you can build your WI new construction home you’ll need to secure your lot. Sometimes WI new construction custom builders own lots in very desirable locations of WI properties that they can sell you, or you can provide the lot for your WI new construction yourself — ala carte. If you have a specific builder in mind, be sure they are willing to work in the WI Region you select as many WI new construction builders have a geographic area within which they usually work.

vacant lot building siteKnow Your Land.

You will also want to explore any neighborhood restrictions or zoning regulations that may affect the land and how you can use it. These can range from minimum square feet, building materials that are and are not permitted, set-backs, driveway surfacing, fences and out buildings and landscaping issues. Many areas have neighborhood associations that care for common areas like parks or playgrounds and these associations may be able to assess dues. These are nice things to know about your WI new construction project before you get it under way.

Finally, you will want to understand what utilities and services are available. Especially important you want to know whether municipal water and sewer are available or if you will need to install private systems like a well or septic system. Private systems will require testing to determine the type of system you can build and all of these considerations can add to the total cost of your lot. You don’t want your WI new construction project to be riddled with surprises so make sure you have the full picture before you take the plunge. Your buyer’s agent can be very helpful in assisting you with this challenge.

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