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Deeded Access can Make a Lake Home More Affordable

Want to enjoy a WI Lake home and our WI Lake heritage without breaking the bank? You can do it. Here’s how. When you think about it, WI lake and river neighborhoods can only have a finite number of waterfront lots. WI lake homes sitting on those lots are listed as having “actual frontage” meaning that a stretch of shoreline is part of the package for those waterfront homes.

It is a Matter of Available Shoreline

The number of WI lake homes with actual frontage is physically limited by the length of the shoreline in the neighborhood and by how much of the shoreline is publicly owned. So, with supply and demand being what it is, with only a few waterfront lots directly on the shoreline, demand for those properties drives their prices up… and up. But guess what happens when you purchase a WI lake home that isn’t directly on the shoreline of your chosen lake or river? Correct! A much greater supply and correspondingly lower prices.

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Water Access for WI Lake Homes Comes in two Flavors: Public and Private

When considering WI lake homes and WI real estate on a budget, you might want to consider properties situated near public access points. It’s not quite as intimate as “living on the lake” but public access will give you the ability to enjoy both the water and the “water culture” most of these WI lake homes share. You may have to travel a little bit to reach the public access, but it will typically be conveniently close enough to still make it incredibly fun.

The other way to access the water is by purchasing a WI lake home that has a form of private access called “deeded access.” With deeded access you own a property that includes a deed to a separate piece of land that has actual water frontage. Oftentimes you will share this second property with one or more neighbors, which is what helps to keep it so affordable.

Deeded Access – The Path to Affordability of Budget WI Lake Homes

Deeded access allows you to own a WI lake home that is physically set back from the actual shoreline, but which offers ready, private accessibility to the water. Usually the second property is conveniently reached via a nearby path or it may even be as close as just across the street. There are many up-sides to this arrangement:

  1. The supply of these WI lake homes is more abundant and that tends to keep their prices affordable.
  2. Often these homes have larger, more secluded  lots than waterfront property.
  3. Property taxes are typically lower on WI lake homes that do not have lakefront exposure.
  4. You typically will have all the same benefits as lakefront property and may even have a “lake view.”
  5. You will have private rather than public access to the water… when ever you like.
  6. When you sell, your WI lake home will have the added benefit of deeded access.


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