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List to Sell or List to Keep

Which would You Prefer?

Most sellers agree their biggest concern is not getting a fair price for their home. Price it too low and you leave money on the table. Price it to high and it just won’t sell. When it comes selling homes in the Madison region, an experienced Broker like Jon Nelson Broker/Owner of Nelson & Associates Realtors, can really make the difference.

Nelson & Assoc yard signThere is a lot more to home selling in today’s market than meets the eye and your successful Broker must be able to bring more to the table including expert pricing tools, marketing and creativity. With an investment this big and considering the ever-changing market for Wisconsin homes, when it comes to listing and selling your home — it pays to work with experience. Nelson & Associates has that experience and we will focus it all on getting your home sold!

Who Would You Rather Have List and Sell Your Home?

Are you interested in listing your home with a real estate agent whose best skill may be his or her enthusiasm? Or do you deserve a professional Madison Real Estate Broker with the same engaging energy… but who also has an MBA and the real estate credentials that will make you comfortable with listing your home? The choice is yours, but if you believe in better results with your home sale, then you will appreciate the uncompromising integrity of a Real Estate Broker who brings all their business knowledge and their 30+ year background in marketing, research, analysis, forecasting and promotion to the home selling table with the objective of listing your home to sell.

Jon Nelson, Your Madison Realtor and MBA Broker
Makes Listing and Selling Your Home Hassle-Free!

Picture of Jon NelsonAs a Madison real estate professional, my primary objective in selling Wisconsin homes is creating a client experience second to none. When I list your home, what differentiates me from my competition is my ability to research and analyze the specific sales potential of your home within the context of the current market.

Using the same methodology I use to create Broker Price Opinions for regional lenders, I will build a market-analysis based pricing strategy specifically designed to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest period of time. And believe me, I share that motivation with you every step of the way from listing your home to attending your closing.

What makes my approach to home selling so effective is that it is very collaborative in nature. I will share with you all of the research and pricing options that I develop for listing your home so that together we can decide on the strategy that will best suit your objectives and the realities of the current market. Listing your home with me is a team effort.

My clients have often told me later they really enjoyed seeing all my research laid out for them. It reassured them that I was really working on their behalf, that I valued their input and that I was completely engaged in their home selling experience. Moreover, being armed with knowledge of the Madison real estate market, clients agree building the pricing strategy together gave them a lot more confidence in the home selling process. Some real estate agents will price you home to keep. I will help you price your home to sell and make listing your home a positive experience. Contact Jon Today

I Bring You My A-Game Every Time!

cartoon treeAs a Madison Real Estate Broker I very much want your repeat business and referrals and I believe I can provide you with unparalleled home selling service and attention in listing your home whether it’s Madison real estate or Wisconsin homes anywhere in the region. As the principal broker and owner of Nelson & Associates REALTORS, I will be listing your home and handling your home selling transaction personally Together, after listing your home we’ll get it sold! Contact me today and I’ll go to work for you right away!

There’s a Great Difference between Enthusiasm and Competence.

Enthusiasm alone will not sell your home: but enthusiasm backed by competence will get the job done every time. Making sure your home selling experience is successful is very important to me. Just because I approach Listing and Selling with academic rigor doesn’t mean that I dismiss the importance of the promotional side of marketing your Madison homes.

laptop, tablet and mobile phoneFar from it! I will aggressively market your home with a substantial web presence on my own popular website, which covers both Madison real estate and Wisconsin homes all over the region, but I will make sure your home is on the most popular public websites…all part of my service in listing your home. Additionally, by listing your home, every Broker and Agent website in our MLS area with a website search capability will also be able to display your home for sale. This will provide an unsurpassed exposure for you home, not just locally, but nationally and internationally too.

And, even though the internet is the number one source of consumer information for home selling, in addition to custom yard signage I will select other methods as may be useful to reach potential buyers such as the Open House, the Broker Open, direct mail, email, media advertising, etc. Upon listing your home we will find the right buyer for you.

One other thing, when I list your home, I will feature your home with photos and a brief write-up on the individual city page on my website. So for example, if your home is in Middleton, I will feature your home on the Middleton page of my website.

I will do what is necessary to reach your buyer! If I can not get your home sold, you will owe me nothing.

Good Communication

I think the biggest home selling complaint sellers have about real estate agents is their lack of good communication skills. Most of this has to do with the natural recoiling we all feel when called upon to share “disappointing news.” But in my experience, too often the reason news is overly “disappointing” is that agents have not realistically set expectations with their clients. When I list your home I try to make sure that our mutual expectations are clear and unambiguous.Image of a smartphone

I try to operate on a “no surprises” basis with my clients so that their expectations and reality stay pretty much aligned throughout the process. This is not to say there will be no frustrations along the way, but frustrations are really market feedback. And as an Madison Realtor and MBA broker I am adept at using market feedback to fine tune the selling process.

When I list your home, my commitment to you is to communicate. I touch bases with my clients frequently throughout the process. And, as a “Smartphone Junkie” your calls, emails and text messages arrive in my pocket. If I don’t pick up immediately, you can count on my getting back to you ASAP. Plus to save you time and travel, I will handle as much of our paperwork as possible electronically through an electronic signature service called DocuSign.

Free Market Analysis

I can do a free preliminary market analysis of your home for you so you can get a better feel for how your home might sell in your specific market. Then when we get together, we can walk through your home or condo and talk about your objectives and time-frames; how I can help you meet those objectives; and what our next steps are for listing and selling your home. Once I complete the detailed analysis, we can review the options and select the price strategy that best matches your needs. And then it’s off to the home selling real estate races!

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