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Your Complete Guide to South Central Wisconsin Real Estate for Sale.

Waterfront Homes in S. Central Wisconsin

waterfront homes in wisconsin

When you think of Wisconsin, you think of waterfront homes either on one of the state’s thousands of lake or along its many major rivers. Waterfront homes add a dimension to living that literally is in our genes. Both life giving and life sustaining, many people are drawn to the waterfront not just for the beauty and recreation but because as any waterfront homeowner will tell you, for the life. Here in S. Central Wisconsin we have lots of options!

Looking for Waterfront Homes in Dane County Region?

If you are looking for waterfront homes in Dane and our surrounding regional counties you will find homes in every price range and in every county. (There may be a little crossover for cities that straddle a county line.) You can enjoy all the water sports including fishing, boating, sailing and with the season, ice fishing, ice boating and so much more.

Note: Don’t be alarmed if a showcase is blank. That only means there are currently no listings in that price range. However, these listings are powered by the MLS and are always being updated. So check back frequently to see what has just hit the market.

Click on the Map Above to Explore Waterfront Homes County by County

You can review the most recent S. Central Wisconsin waterfront homes available in each collar county around and including Dane County. You can also use the link on each page to see everything that is on the market by price range.  The galleries are divided by price ranges: 1) Over $1Million; 2)  Between $500K and $1Million; and, 3) Under $500K. The really nice thing about Wisconsin is you don’t have to be a millionaire to live on a lake or river, and there are lots and lots of very affordable waterfront homes to choose from.

Consider Deeded Access Homes

Deeded Access gives you semi-private access to the shoreline even if your home is not directly on the waterfront. You would share this access point with other homes in the area, but this is not a public access point. Deeded Access travels with the deed for the house so when you buy a home that may be a block off the shoreline, you also buy the access. Typically this is a much less expensive type of property that still gives you full access to the water.

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