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Your Complete Guide to South Central Wisconsin Real Estate for Sale.

working-together-on computerSeasoned real estate buyers already know that using a Buyer’s Agent is a smart move. But for first-time buyers, the idea of “hiring their own agent” can seem daunting. What will it cost? What do Buyer’s Agents do? I explain the utility of a Buyer’s Agent in more detail on my Buyer Agency page but here are the highlights:

  • The Buyer’s Agent works for you and not the Seller.
  • They owe all the fiduciary duties to you that they would otherwise owe to the Seller.
  • They can point out what’s great about a house, but more importantly, they can tell you why you might not want to buy a specific property.
  • They are your advocate in the negotiations.
  • Your Buyer’s Agent is almost always paid by the Listing Broker.

Are you Thinking about Buying a Home or Property?

If you are looking to purchase a home or property in the Madison Metro Area or anywhere  in South Central Wisconsin, then you are going to want to get the best possible representation when it comes to locating properties, determining their market value and negotiating a positive outcome. In Wisconsin, by law, all real estate agents represent Sellers unless they have been engaged by the Buyer. So no matter how nice that agent is, if he or she is not your agent, they are a sub-agent of the listing broker and the seller.

This is the reason the concept of the Buyer’s Agent was developed: to put an equally skilled real estate agent on your side of the table, looking out for you. On my Buyer Agency page, I give you a breakdown of what duties can be performed by a selling agent vs the duties your Buyer’s Agent is allowed to perform. The difference is substantial and often critical to your getting the best deal.

Nelson & Associates Realtors Offers Buyer Agency Services to Clients to Make your Real Estate Transaction Hassle-Free

If you are ready to get serious about buying property then don’t play on an un-level field. The Seller is fully represented by the listing broker and you should be fully represented as well. Jon Nelson is an experienced Buyer’s Agent. Contact me today, and I’ll go to work for you right away!

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