Molly the lawn service expert

The first step is to get rid of the expensive lawn service who, for $400 or $500 a year, will dutifully spray “fertilizer” and “weed poison” all over your yard, on top of snow or leaves, in the rain, and in your gardens while effectively killing and salting the earth where you have planted new grass seed.



There is a better way to do Lawn Service!

For around $40 you can buy a broadcast spreader (they last practically forever if you hose them out after each use) and you can purchase fertilizer/weed killer for anywhere between $30-$50 a bag. In about 15 minutes (for an average sized yard) you can de-weed and fertilize your lawn for about half of what you’d pay some 19-year old in oversized boots to splash chemicals on your lawn.

Quality Lawn Service Products Produce Quality Results

There are a number of good quality products that you can get from hardware stores and home centers. I personally use Scotts® 4-bag program for about $245. They drop-ship the four bags at your doorstep and tell you when to apply them. Easy Peasy.  Scotts doesn’t pay me anything to recommend their products… I use them because they deliver results for me.

Do You Want Results Too?

My experience is a better looking lawn than anything I’ve gotten using a service. I am also saving about $200 for a total of about one hour’s work a year.