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Madison Real Estate may be the first choice for many people, but Lodi WI homes for sale may offer you the enticement of a lifestyle that can't be beat. Lodi WI is 28 miles north of Madison yet in many respects will seem a world away… in a very good sense.

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Lodi wi Homes

With a population of around 3,000, the owners of Lodi WI properties enjoy a lovely village amidst the rolling countryside near the Wisconsin River with the meandering Spring Creek a special village feature. Supporting a healthy population of brown trout, Spring Creek is also the home of "Susie the Duck!

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Owners of Lodi WI Homes Enjoy a Less Hectic Lifestyle

Lodi CasualIt is easy to understand why owners of Lodi homes enjoy a less hectic lifestyle. For one thing, with Lodi WI homes there's little traffic, which makes Lodi a foot-friendly town. People who live in Lodi WI homes are your neighbors and as they say, good neighbors make the difference between the warmth of small town living and hustle of city-life. There are a few areas around Madison that offer the sweet life of Wisconsin’s small town charm and Lodi is certainly a good representative of all that is good about living outside the rush of the city. But like many WI villages, lodi is only a few minutes way from everything Madison has to offer so there’s never a sense of isolation… just peace and quite. You will love Lodi WI homes and are sure to find the perfect home for you and yours.

Good Schools are a Fundamental of Lodi WI Homes

Not only does the Lodi School District score well in the Wisconsin School District Performance Report the the owners of Lodi WI homes support and are encouraged by the performance of their local school district. And, being so close to the University of Wisconsin, the opportunities for easy access to higher learning are great. You will enjoy the cozy nature of Lodi as do the owners of so many other Lodi WI homes.

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Nelson & Associates will Help You find the Lodi Homes that Match Your Dreams

If you would like to find Lodi real estate that will match your dreams, Nelson & Associates will be happy to assist you. Specializing in making purchasing homes a hassle-free experience, we are ready  and just a phone call away. Begin your search for Lodi WI homes.  Call us today and we'll go to work for you right away!

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