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Fitchburg Short Sales and REOs

Are you thinking about exploring Fitchburg short sales and REOs? If you are new to Fitchburg short sales and REOs scene, this is a good place to start. If you are experienced with Fitchburg short sales, you may want to skip directly to the link I have provided below that will take you directly to the search results for Fitchburg short sales and REOs.Fitchburg Short Sales and REOs

Fitchburg REOs (real estate owned by the bank) and most WI REOs for that matter, like Fitchburg short sales, are usually listed with real estate brokers and marketed pretty much the same as other listed WI properties, but with some caveats such as they are typically offered for sale in “as is,” condition. Your buyer agent, if he is experienced with Fitchburg short sales and REOs, can help you navigate the process of making an offer on an REO.

Short Sales and REOs listed in the last 120 days.


The short-sales and REO above are provided courtesy of multiple SCWMLS brokers. Please click on the thumbnails for expanded details including the listing brokerage.


Find All Fitchburg Short Sales and REOs for Sale

But Fitchburg short sales, on the other hand, are still a different animal from REOs. Basically, a short sale is when a homeowner, has experienced a hardship that has led to (or is going to lead to) their inability to make their mortgage payments. What they hope to accomplish with Fitchburg short sales is to get their bank to agree to let them sell the house for less than what they owe and accept the proceeds as satisfaction of their debt. The difference between what they owe and what they can sell the home for is the deficiency or “short”…thus, the definition of Fitchburg short sales.

Fitchburg is a bedroom community adjacent to Madison’s southern border. And like many other WI communities, Fitchburg offers homes and condos in a variety price ranges. There are also Fitchburg short sales and REOs that you may be interested in and I encourage you to work with an experienced buyer agent from the start. One way to make sure your agent is experienced with Fitchburg short sales is to look for the ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative) designation after their name.

Short sales can be complicated and time consuming but if you are a qualified buyer, your buyer agent can guide you through the Fitchburg short sales and REOs process.

Nelson & Associates REALTORS can help you find Fitchburg Short Sales and REOs.

As principal broker and owner of Nelson & Associates, I am an ABR as well as a Certified Residential Specialist and it would be very happy to work with you to find Fitchburg sort sales that could meet your needs. Give me a call today and let’s get started.
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