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Small Madison WI Homes for Sale

Frequently considered a great alternative to the condominium, small Madison homes are becoming increasingly popular in the metro area. These little houses offer owners less to maintain while giving them the convenience and privacy of their own home and typically, their own back yard. It makes it easier to keep Fido contained and gives you the ability to call your own shots with landscaping and other decisions that would otherwise be tightly controlled by a condo association. Of course you may have a neighborhood association to contend with, but in my experience they are a little more amenable than are condo associations.

Imagine coming home from work and sitting on your own private deck. Maybe string up your hammock, or mow the lawn. You gotta’ love the smell of fresh mown grass. Invite some friends over, maybe a little barbecue.

Big Benefits in a Small Package offered by these Small Madison Homes

Everyone likes to have their own place. For some, the condo is the perfect solution especially if they travel. But for many others a single family house like these small Madison homes, makes the perfect choice. Probably the biggest advantage in the increased control you have over your living arrangements. I like to make my own decisions personally, so given the choice I would opt for the small Madison home even though there are some additional responsibilities that come from home ownership like mowing the lawn, raking leaves and clearing snow. But I like doing all those things while having the ability to “customize” my home to my own liking.

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Small Madison Homes may also have Property Tax Advantages

Generally speaking, the more a homes costs the more property tax you become responsible for. Smaller homes usually have lower price tags so you don’t get clobbered with property taxes like the owners of much larger homes often encounter. So if control, privacy and independence is important to you, you should check out small Madison homes.

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