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4384 Singel Way, Windsor, WI
3 Bedroom / 2-1/2 Bath / 1,716 Finished SQFT

Windsor WI homes in the Town of Windsor are an exceptional value and the savvy buyer will recognize this right away.

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Located just five miles north of the Dane County Airport and just a stone's throw away from De Forest and Sun Prairie, Windsor WI homes are convenient: both close enough to Madison to satisfy and far enough away to provide a sense of country living.

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Windsor WI Homes Offer Residents the Good Life

You will enjoy living in these Windsor WI homes in the Town of Windsor and you will find homes in every price range to fit every lifestyle. The Town of Windsor actually includes parts of De Forest and the north west corner of Sun Prairie giving owners of Windsor WI homes easy access in every direction.

Many people enjoy the less hectic lifestyle of country living afforded by so many of our Wisconsin towns and villages and if you are in that category you will be very pleased with the selection of Windsor WI homes you will have to choose from.

Windsor WI Schools Score Well for Owners of Windsor WI Homes

Owners of Windsor homes are in the Deforest Area school district, which consistently scores above average in the state reports and has a 9 of 10 rank in Great Schools. Windsor has its own elementary school, which is also highly regarded by students, parents and teachers. Great Schools ranks Windsor Elementary an eight on a scale of 10. Consequently, students living in Windsor WI homes can look forward to a good education as well as a fun place to live.

If you Live in Windsor WI You can Enjoy the Area's 17 Parks

Windsor community building

Windsor had 17 parks as well as the Token Creek Conservatory to provide recreation opportunities for residents and friends alike. There are plenty of playgrounds, shelters and wide-open spaces for kids of all ages. You will want to visit the parks and enjoy nature's gift of Windsor WI.
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