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Beautiful Wi PropertiesHere’s the simple truth: people love WI properties. Wisconsin, with a population of about 5.4 million grows about 8% per year due to net migration from other states. Neighboring states provide the bulk of this increase but people move to WI properties from as far as California and Pennsylvania as well. And they do this for a reason. WI properties are a great place to live, raise and educate children and recreate. Plus… there’s cheese! Okay, I had to throw that in but even though we are known as the “Dairy State,” I think it’s important to clear up some misconceptions.

Wisconsin and its Cows!

First, while cows are an important part of our state economy, not all WI properties have a cow on them. Second, cows do not out-number people. There are roughly 1.3 million dairy cows of one sort or another and 5.4 million people. Clearly: people out number cows. Finally, not all WI properties are dairy farms. Dairy operations dot the real estate with nearly 13 thousand farms but housing units on WI properties number 2.6 million. Spread out over 54 million square miles … well, you can do the math. On to more important things!

Where do People Live in Wisconsin?

The three largest cities in Wisconsin are Milwaukee, Madison (the state capitol) and Green Bay and these WI properties account for 18% of the population. Another 10% of the population lives in the eight next largest cities leaving 72% of Wisconsinites distributed in towns and villages throughout the state. The highest density is in the Southeastern portion of the state. Traveling north, the population of WI properties becomes less and less dense, dwindling to less than one person per square mile. If you’re looking for WI properties offering you solitude then imagine living where fishing, boating, skiing, hunting and snowmobiling are what life’s all about.

WI Properties are Divided Among Three Regions.Wisconsin property population

WI  properties can be divided into three basic areas: Northern Wisconsin land, Central Wisconsin real estate and Southern WI  properties. What you like to do will help determine the kind of WI  properties that will fit your needs. I’ve already told you a little about Northern WI  properties, which are geared toward outdoorsy year-round activities, rustic living, secluded, seasonal “get-aways” and tranquil forests. Up North, WI  properties consist of huge lakes and thousands upon thousands of forest acres. It is pure nature and lots of it… no pun intended. If you want a cabin up north, then these are the WI properties you’re looking for. But what about WI properties in the other two regions?

Central WI properties are geared toward less rustic living for lovers of Wisconsin nature and includes several of Wisconsin’s larger metropolitan areas including Green Bay, Appleton, Eau Claire, La Crosse, Oshkosh and along Lake Michigan the cities of Sheboygan and Manitowoc. Much of these WI properties support year-round living that gives you convenient access to many of Wisconsin’s incredible 12,600 rivers, and streams and over 6,000 named lakes. You will find convenient boating, sailing, fishing, canoeing and kayaking opportunities near by and for those who like horses, biking, hiking, 4-wheeling and snowmobiling you can take advantage of the region’s many groomed trails.  And, if a cabin on WI properties is still your choice, you will find them in Central Wisconsin as well.

Southern Wisconsin, from a population perspective, is dominated by the Milwaukee metro area and of course Madison, home of the University Wisconsin-Madison, one of the country’s largest public universities. From a pure WI properties standpoint, however, Southern Wisconsin also offers a wonderful opportunity for a relaxed, even rural WI properties lifestyle. Small villages like the picturesque Mount Horeb and Waunakee give you a Norman Rockwell sense of community while keeping you within easy reach of the cultural, educational and epicurean delights of the big metro areas. But not to be left out, Southern WI properties also have lots of wonderful bike trails, cross-country skiing, lakes for sailing and boating including Lake Michigan and of course the Madison area’s beautiful Lake Mendota and the lovely Lake Monona.

WI County Map

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WI Properties for Every Lifestyle and Every Taste.Wisconsin Real Estate Something for Every Lifestyle

Anywhere you choose to live in Wisconsin, WI properties will provide you with the lifestyle you want. North, Central and South all have their own unique characteristics, but if you only remember one thing about Wisconsin remember this: Wisconsin is Fun and it’s calling you Home!

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