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Just ten minutes northeast of Madison is the wonderful small city of Sun Prairie, WI where you will find Sun Prairie homes in many price ranges and a great selection of styles.

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The median sold price for Sun Prairie homes is $210,000 making Sun Prairie, like Mount Horeb, one of the more affordable Madison suburbs as well as one of the region's most delightful locations.

Sun Prairie homes abound

Sun Prairie Painted CowSun Prairie, with a population of just over 29,000, is the second largest city in Dane County after Madison and owners of Sun Prairie homes can take pride that their city the sixth fastest-growing city in Wisconsin. Sun Prairie offers residents a wide selection of neighborhoods with newer neighborhoods often designed to incorporate the qualities of older, more established neighborhoods helping to preserve the hometown feel and quality of life that Sun Prairie homeowners expect.

Owners of Sun Prairie Homes enjoy Above Average Schools

According to the Wisconsin School District Performance Report, Sun Prairie schools score above the statewide averages for reading, math, science, language arts and social studies giving the children of those considering Sun Prairie homes the opportunity for a quality education. School leaders, parents and kids all hold the Sun Prairie school in high esteem. And Great Schools, which relies in part on parent evaluations, gives the Sun Prairie system a score of 8 out of 10. Good schools are the strength of a community and residents of Sun Prairie homes support their schools.

Parks and Recreation give Residents of Sun Prairie Homes Plenty to Do

Sun Prairie's Cannery SquareThe City of Sun Prairie has 42 parks in their system conveniently located across the city’s 9.6 square miles that offer a host of seasonal activities including softball and volleyball, tennis, track & field, yoga and karate and so much more. Whether your interests lie in organized sports, fitness programs or just the ability to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the flowers, where ever your Sun Prairie homes are you will never have to look too far for something fun to do. And this is one of the main reasons Sun Prairie consistently attracts new homeowners to the community.

Nelson & Associates will Help You find Sun Prairie Homes that will Delight You

As a full service WI brokerage, Nelson & Associates will provide you with the assistance and integrity you deserve. No matter what your budget, we will do our best to provide you with a selection of Sun Prairie homes that will meet if not exceed your expectations. Call us today and we’ll go to work for you right away!

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