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Maple Bluff Properties: 12 Most Expensive Homes in Maple Bluff WI

Maple Bluff Properties have similar luxury homesAs a general rule, the closer homes are to Lake Mendota the more expensive the Maple Bluff properties are likely to be. Naturally like any Madison Area properties you will be able to find Maple Bluff properties in most price ranges, but whether you are looking for Maple Bluff luxury homes or would just like to see the 12 most expensive Maple Bluff properties currently on the market: here they are! These exquisite homes offer owners unparalleled luxury and convenience, in a beautiful community on Lake Mendota's eastern shore. I am sure you will enjoy this collection of fine homes and I invite you to click on the thumbnails and tour these homes of incredible distinction. You will be able to see interior and exterior photos as well as get all the pertinent details. Ready to get started?

Maple Bluff real estate listings are provided courtesy of multiple SCWMLS brokers and are not being represented as exclusively Nelson & Associates listings. Please click on the thumbnails for expanded real estate details including the listing brokerage.


Top 12 Luxury Homes in Maple Bluff, WI.


Home of the Governors' Mansion Maple Bluff Properties are Magnificent

WI_Gov_Mansion_WinterAmong the many spectacular Maple Bluff properties is the beautiful Governor's Executive Residence. Politics aside, it is still an outstanding architectural masterpiece overlooking Lake Mendota. Of course not everyone gets to live in spectacular Maple Bluff properties like the Governor's mansion, but believe me, there are several gorgeous homes that offer similar amenities and luxury.

But there is more to Maple Bluff than incredible luxury properties and if you would like to see everything currently for sale in Maple Bluff, use the link below.

See All Maple Bluff Homes Currently for Sale

Maple Bluff Properties for under $350K

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