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Madison Short Sales for Under $150K

Madison Short Sales under $150KYou can find Madison short sales under $150k in and around the city… you just need to know where to look. If you are on a budget and want to explore what Madison short sales under $150K and REOs in the same price range are available–but  you don't want to break the bank— then you are in luck. They are out there, and if you are a qualified buyer,you may just come upon the opportunity to buy a home for less than you might expect by exploring not just Madison short sales under $150k but Fitchburg short sales and McFarland short sales and more.


Latest Madison Short Sales Under $150K

Listings of Madison short sales under $150k are provided courtesy of multiple SCWMLS brokers. Please click on the thumbnails for expanded details including the listing brokerage.


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For Madison short sales under $150k, as with any short sale, you need to be prepared and go into this with your eyes wide open. First of all, you have to realize that short sales in general, not just Madison short sales under $150k, are not closed in the same short time frame (30-60 days) we would expect with a conventional sale. Short sales have to meander through a labyrinth of paperwork and approvals over a time frame that is often measured in months rather than weeks. Buyers can write offers and the short sales seller can accept them, but these offers are subject to the approval of the seller's bank: and these folks will require the seller to submit a pile of documentation to justify the short sale. After the bank sorts through all the paperwork, they will make a decision whether or not to approve the short sale. Interestingly enough,  once short sales are eventually approved, the bank will  frequently want to close very quickly: often within a week or two.

Buyers of Madison Short Sales Under $150K Need to be Ready to Hurry up and Wait.

Ironically, the buyers of Madison short sales under $150k need to be both prepared to go and prepared to wait. By being prepared to go, the successful short sales buyer will already have their financing pre-approved and their earnest money readily available. By prepared to wait, the ready short sales buyer will need to understand the process and not be in need of a short closing time or have property to sell before they can proceed to closing. Fortunately, an experienced buyer agent, preferably an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) with specific training in short sales, foreclosures and REOs, (like me) will be able to guide you through the process and help you keep your Madison short sales under $150 expectations grounded.

Nelson & Associates can Help you Find and Purchase Madison Short Sales Under $150k in and around the City.

As principal broker and owner of Nelson & Associates, I would be happy to meet and work with you to check out affordable Madison short sales under $150k  in and around the city and to explain the strategies for successfully purchasing Madison short sales. I've completed the specialized NAR (National Association of Realtors) training in this area and I'd like to help you make it happen. Let's talk today and see how Madison short sales under $150k might work for you.

Madison Short Sales Under $150k…the time is now!

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