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Dane County WI Short Sales and REOs

Dane County short sales are still available to qualified buyers and here are some examples of homes that are currently on the market as short sales.

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Dane County Short Sales listings are provided courtesy of multiple SCWMLS brokers. Please click on the thumbnails for expanded real estate details including the listing brokerage.


If you are thinking about Dane County short sales a Buyer's Agent is the way to Go.

Dane County Short SalesBuying any house is a reasonably complex process and it really helps to have someone who knows the ins and outs working for you. Dane County short sales are no exception! In fact, with the additional

paperwork and the often protracted negotiation that is involved with Dane County short sales, you will find your agent to be a good strategic partner.

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Keep in mind that a short sale is kind of a three-way negotiation between you, the seller and the seller's bank. Most often the list price of the short sale has not been "pre-approved" by the seller's bank (although sometimes it is). This means that acceptance will be contingent upon the bank's approval. I said "kind of" because the bank will not directly negotiate with you as a buyer, but they may tell their client, the seller, what specific conditions must be met before the bank will approve the short sale.

Nelson and Associates is experienced with Dane County Short Sales

If you are more interested in homes that are not short sales then visit Madison homes and click on one of the cities listed on the right. But, if you are thinking about buying a Dane County short sale, then contact Jon today and let's get started.


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