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Verona WI Epic Systems’ Software to the Rescue


While government bureaucrats whistled in the dark, doctors credit Epic Systems’ medical records software for bringing to light the alarming increase in unsafe blood-levels of lead in Flint’s children.


“As Is” Sale. What does that really mean?

confused_guyWhat is and as-is sale and what effect does that have on the Seller’s real estate condition report. Find out…



Assessed Value: What Homebuyers Need to Know

Assessed Value of House It is a common practice for buyers and sellers to equate the assessed value of a home to its likely market value, but these two numbers are very different from each other. Assessed values have to do with tax collection while market values reflect a selling price to which a buyer and a seller have agreed. There is, however, a way to use assessed values to your strategic benefit. Madison Broker Jon Nelson discusses how.


Broom Swept Condition: Selling Your Home

Broom Swept



Leaving your home in broom swept condition can seem a little vague, but what it really means is leaving your home in the condition you would like to find your new home left in. Here's a checklist for the "broom swept" home from Nelson & Associates Realtors in Madison, WI.


WI Properties Bid Adieu to Whooping Cranes for Winter

Whooping Cranes in Flight Endangered Whooping Cranes from WI are tutored in migration by the folks at Operation Migration. Dressed in white "crane suits" OM pilots fly their ultra-light airplanes some 1,300 miles from Wisconsin to Florida with their teenage birds in tow hoping to teach them the migration routine they’ll need for survival.


Verona Homes Benefit from Tradition of Hometown Days

Verona Homes Benefit from Verona CultureEvery town has its traditions and these traditions contribute to the culture of the area. It is important to recognize the effect that the community culture has on the value of homes and the quality of life. Verona’s Hometown Days is part of the fabric of what make Verona Verona, and traditions like these should not be allowed to simply pass into the night.


Financing a Madison House-Talk to Your Lender First

Madison homes financingFinding a good mortgage program can be a little tricky but the best place to start is talking to lenders. Don’t pay any attention to the rumors: get your information directly from the people who have the answers. Keep an open mind and be ready to explore options like FHA, VA and Madison’s WHEDA program for first time home buyers.