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BBrodhead Stationrodhead WI is a city of 3,200 that straddles Green and Rock counties about 35 miles south of Madison and 9 miles north of the Illinois border. The community stays current with the times and has a lot to offer its residents. One of the best features of the town is the affordability of Brodhead homes. With a median price of under $100,000 and its close proximity to the larger employment centers of Janesville, Beloit, Madison and Rockford, Brodhead makes sense both for jobs and reasonably priced Brodhead real estate.

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Brodhead StoresBrodhead WI is a Progressive Small City with Class

Through the years Brodhead has made a significant effort to modernize the town while preserving its charm and character. Wide streets and plenty of parking make navigating Brodhead easy and convenient. Owners of Brodhead homes have well regarded schools and many recreation activities.

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Brodhead Homes Demonstrate the City's History

There are many beautiful homes in Brodhead and you will enjoy touring the area to see some outstanding examples of turn-of-the-century architecture such as this stately beauty. Come to Brodhead and see its history for yourself. I am sure you will be impressed with Brodhead as well as its affordability.


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