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Average Houses in Madison, WI

Average houses don't cost a mint

Average houses don't cost a mint! In fact in Madison, WI, the average price paid for a home is $265,061 and the median price, the value at which half the sold homes are above and half below is… $232,981. Are average houses below standard? Absolutely not. They're just affordable to average folks.

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Here on MadisonREALST8.com, for each community I review, I try to present a gallery of average houses that cluster around the median sold price. I do that because most of us would prefer not to have to sort through umpteen starter castles to get the the average houses… the ones with modest price tags that most of us buy.  You can use the "search for all homes" link just below the gallery to find homes in every price range, so nothing is left out. The gallery just identifies the most recent listings that come up in the average houses price range.


Latest "Average Houses" in Madison Listings



Listings are provided courtesy of multiple SCWMLS brokers. Please click on the thumbnails for expanded details including the listing brokerage.


Find Madison Homes Priced Around the Average

There's Nothing Wrong with High-Ticket Homes.

Of course I'm not knocking the multi-multi-thousand dollar homes that are currently listed. Truth be told, I'd love to sell a few of those in Madison. But the growing demand for average houses is frankly where the market is at right now. Buyers of averages houses have a lot to choose from and I want to help folks buy a home because they want a home and they are comfortable with their budget. Home buying should be a glorious time that is capped with the knowledge that the payments aren't going to break the bank. And the best way to make that happen is to get prequalified by your financial institution.

Nothing Beats the Joy of a Happy Client.

As your agent, I work just as hard for the client whose budget is $125,000 or less and who wants to look at average houses as I do for the client with very deep pockets. It's true, I don't earn as much on average houses as I do on luxury homes, but absolutely nothing beats the joy I see in the eyes of my clients when we find the right home at the right price. That joy is the same no matter what the home costs. Maybe these are average houses just in terms of price… but they are anything but average houses to my clients: They're HOMES and very possibly first homes.

Nelson & Associates will Glady Help You Find Your "Average Houses" Dream Home Today.

If you are in the market for average houses then Nelson & Associates will be very happy to assist you in finding your dream home. Don't want to break the bank? Then you are already on the right track. Call me today and we'll go to work for you right away!


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